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23 Février 2017 de 18:00 à 23:00


Ecole Nationale de Sousse

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Domaines concernées par cet événement: Formations

Do you Think you are able to optimize the layout of a Google data center? Or competent enough to reconstruct cars’ exact routes and realign images as needed for Google Street View?

Step into the shoes of a Google engineer and tackle similar challenges during Hash Code (g.co/hashcode), a team-based programming competition for students and professionals (18+) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa organized by Google. You can pick your team and programming language, to solve a real-life engineering problems. Are you up for the challenge?

The competition takes place over two rounds:

Online Qualification’s Round:

23rd February 2017, 18:30 – 22:30 CET
For this round, your team can participate from wherever you want, including one of our Hash Code hubs.
Hubs allow teams in the same location (eg. city or university) to compete side-by-side in a more fun and exciting environment.
Many teams are expected to participate from the National Engineering School of Sousse (ENISO).

Final Round:

1st April 2017
Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification’s Round will be invited to Google Paris to compete in the Final Round of the competition.

Registration is now open at g.co/hashcode.

For any further information, please contact:

~Facebook account: Karim Selmi / Email: selmi.kerim@gmail.com
~Facebook account: Marouen Dbouba / Email: marouen.dbouba@gmail.com
~Facebook account: Souheib Hbila / Email: souheibhbila@gmail.com

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