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16 Août - 19 Septembre 2021 à partir de 10:00



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“The New Activists”
، السبايس باش تنظم تضاهرة تتمثل في هاكاثون النشاط الإبداعي
باش يتلموا لمدّة 4 أيام، نشطاء المجتمع المدني، المغرومين بتكنولوجيا المعلومات و روّاد الأعمال الإجتماعيّة باش يصممّوا نماذج أولية للحلول التكنولوجية المبتكرة التي تحلّ قضايا المجتمع المدني وحقوق الإنسان
الهاكاثون باش يصير في سوسة من 16 إلى 19 سبتمبر (تو نقولولكم على المكان تحديدا على قريب)
كان تحب تعرف أكثر على التضاهرة، إنزل هوني : http://urlr.me/H3QPG
كان ناشط المجتمع المدني، مغروم بتكنولوجيا المعلومات و إلاّ رائد أعمال إجتماعيّة، عمّر الإستمارة هاذي: http://urlr.me/QGCsv
كان تحب تتطوّع و تنضم معانا في الفريق المنضم، ايجا معانا: http://urlr.me/4yDTp


As part of its program The New Activists, EL Space is organizing the third activity: The Creative Activism Hackathon. It is a 4 day- Hackathon that brings together activists, technologists and entrepreneurs to prototype innovative technology solutions addressing civil society and human rights issues in Tunisia.

The Hacktivism process:
The Hackathon is based on collaborative teamwork that brings civil society activists, IT professionals and youth from different parts of Tunisia to work on social technology innovations to solve the most pressing issues facing civil society. The objective for each team will be to develop a working prototype of an application, a campaign, a project or a platform to solve a problem relevant to the hackathon scope.
The hackathon will span over the course of 72 hours of non-stop training, mentoring, and team building activities.
At the end of the hackathon, participants will be asked to pitch their prototypes to startups, potential donors and companies as a first step in ensuring the implementation of the produced innovations.
Dates of the Hackathon: 16-19 September 2021
Location: Sousse, exact location will be communicated soon.

To learn more about the Hacktivism process, click here: http://urlr.me/H3QPG

If you are a coder, activist, entrepreneur, domain expert, apply here:
If you want to volunteer during the event, JOIN US: http://urlr.me/4yDTp

**You can apply in French or English

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our project coordinator on fares@elspace.org (he is a nice person)

About the New Activists Program:
“The New Activists” is an inclusive program that aims to integrate CSOs in a process of accompaniment and capacity building, as well as active participation in national advocacy.
The program is led by the I4C MENA Hub and implemented by EL SPACE SOCIAL INNOVATION HUB.

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