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Entrepreneurship in the Tunisian education system (Anglais) Retour vers l'agenda


16 Juin 2016 de 18:30 à 20:30


Cogite Coworking Space 8090 Tunis, Tunisia

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Région(s) concernées par cet événement: Tunis

While entrepreneurship has grown increasingly popular among Tunisian youth, the formal education system has yet to catch on to this growing trend. Moreover, many Tunisian entrepreneurs say that they wish they had learned key entrepreneurship skills — creativity, adversity, and the willingness to take risks — much sooner in their education, especially as children. With entrepreneurship as a key solution to many of Tunisia’s challengers, this panel will bring together educators with entrepreneurs to discuss how entrepreneurial skills can be better incorporated into the Tunisian curriculum at all levels, from elementary school to university, and how education and economic reform can work together to build a better Tunisia.

Moderator: Kyane Kassiri

Guest speakers will include:

Wafa Makhlouf Sayadi (International President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association)

Noomen Lahimer (MSB)

Houda Ghozzi (MBS / IHEC)

Yahya Bouhlel (Entrepreneur / Gomycode)

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