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Enactus Tunisia National Competition 2015 Retour vers l'agenda


24 Juin - 25 Juin 2015


Sheraton Tunis Hotel

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Région(s) concernées par cet événement: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cet événement: Éducation et 3 autre(s) domaines

Once a year a select group of business, student and academic leaders from across the country gather together to showcase how entrepreneurial action and shared innovation is transforming lives and creating a better future. This is your invitation to join present and future leaders for this unique experience of competition, collaboration and celebration…


Experience firsthand how the Enactus Tunisia National Competition shares insights, fuels innovation and drives global impact.

University based Enactus teams across the country spend their year turning ideas into action as they work to increase the livelihoods of others. Each of these teams has 17-minutes to showcase their community empowerment projects that are not only making a difference in the world today, but have the momentum to create new careers, spark business innovation and deliver fresh energy in social responsibility.

As a guest of Enactus Tunisia National competition which will be held on JUNE 24TH – 25TH 2015 I SHERATON TUNIS HOTEL, you will join a distinguished plane of executives who will evaluate the effectiveness of the teams’ efforts and in doing so challenge them to consider how they can achieve even more.


Challenge the status-quo of thought leaders and enjoy a curated, interactive dialogue with action leaders.

Through diverse and fresh perspectives we focus on the positive power of business, innovation and entrepreneurial action to address the most important issues affecting the world. The energy created when business leaders intersect with student innovators will fuel your experience, motivate personal change and drive new ideas.


Celebrate diversity of culture, abundance of ideas and the synergy of cross-generational leadership in action.

Through the event you will come to know the excitement and passion that is realized when a group of people who are personally invested in each other, and the lives of the people whom their work is intended to serve, gather together to recognize, encourage and celebrate one another and the infinite possibilities of real human progress.


Wednesday, June 24th, 2015:

9.15 pm : Welcome and Registration
9.30 pm : Drawing Lots
9.45 pm : Semi-Final Round of Competition
10.45 pm : Coffee Break
11.00 pm : Semi -Final Round of Competition
12.00 am : Semi -Final Round Awards Ceremony

Thursday, June 25th, 2015:

9.15 pm : Welcome and Registration
9.30 pm : Drawing Lots
9.45 pm : Final Round of Competition
10.45 pm : Coffee Break
11.00 pm : Final Round of Competition
11.30 pm : Final Round Awards Ceremony

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́́ “Carrefour de l’ESS”/ملتقى الاقتصاد الاجتماعي والتضامني

Rue de Niger, dans les villas de Shanti, Bhaja, ALwan et Jamaity à partir de 11:00

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