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Applying for PhD Programs in the U.S. Retour vers l'agenda


07 Mars 2019 de 14:00 à 15:00


U.S. Embassy Tunis

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  • About the event:

The PhD application process for U.S. universities can be quite difficult to navigate without good information. Join us at the #AmericanCenter to get guidance from an American doctoral student! This session will cover the following points:

1) Identifying PhD programs to apply to (selecting universities, selecting professors, etc.);

2) Putting together an application package (statement of research, etc.);

3) Evaluating offers (including funding offers), as well as the protocol for accepting and rejecting them;

4) Moving through the PhD program (coursework, research, dissertation write-up, teaching assistantships, etc.)

Given our speaker’s background and knowledge, this session will be especially helpful to those interested in humanities, but part of it will be relevant to sciences as well.

Registration to this info session is through this link by March 4: https://goo.gl/forms/4q5cCF2yjdPNVwA22

  • About the speaker:

Laura Thompson is a fifth-year graduate student in the committee on the study of religion at Harvard University.  She previously completed a master’s in theological studies at Harvard Divinity School and a BA in anthropology and French at Georgetown University.  She is currently conducting doctoral fieldwork in Tunis, Tunisia.

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