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Alternative Activism: The Palestinian Digital Resistance (Anglais) Retour vers l'agenda


22 Octobre 2016 de 11:00 à 14:00


Hotel Africa: 50, AVENUE HABIB BOURGUIBA, 1001 Tunis

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Région(s) concernées par cet événement: Tunis
Domaines concernées par cet événement: Droits de l’Homme

Union Générale des Etudiants Tunisiens:

The Digital Resistance lecture and workshops in Tunis will focus on how the Palestinian Narrative can be fronted through new media platforms and new audiences and highlight the progressive steps that can be taken to adopt innovative and more interactive ways to promote the understanding of the Palestinian issue intertwined with new technologies such as: social media, infographics, videography as new means of alternative activism.

Key Speakers:
Rawan Damen, a filmmaker, Media Consultant and founder of Palestine Remix project will be speaking about how she has been telling the story of Palestine via documentaries and online projects for the last 15 years and how this can now be revolutionised.
Khaled Waleed, British-Palestinian activist and Public Relations consultant based in London will be speaking about how activism and awareness of Palestine has improved due to progressive students’ campaigns in the UK.
Nejm Felhi, Deputy general secretary of the General Tunisian Union for Students (UGTE) will be speaking about the Tunisian student movement and its role in the Jasmine Revolution and its relation to the awareness of the Palestinian issue and the issues around the world.

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