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Artificial Intelligence In Our Day To Day Life

22 August 2023

Artificial Intelligence In Our Day To Day Life

Cet article vous a été présenté par Association Jamaity et une contribution de ses membres pour Jamaity.org

How do you start your day? Which is the first app you use when you begin your day? Google, Instagram, Spotify…

In the modern world, artificial intelligence is omnipresent. To be a part of this world, we interact with applications that utilize artificial intelligence. Essentially, AI is integrated into every aspect of our lives.

As Jamaity, we co-hosted an online seminar on August 9, 2023, alongside our partners: Promimpresa societa’ benefit s.r.l. (IT), Master Peace Foundation (NL), Lebanese Development Network (LB), Master Peace Morocco (MA), and Youth Power (SE), focusing on AI.

This seminar is a part of our project DARE4.0 (Digital Acceleration to empoweR young Entrepreneurs).

What is DARE? DARE is a project that aims to enhance intercultural dialogue, foster diversity and innovation, and bridge the digital divide by promoting inclusion and participation. It aims to develop interpersonal and intercultural skills, including critical and analytical thinking, creativity, and learning. We encourage individuals to think outside the box, as we believe that being different is an asset.

During the online seminar, we featured two distinct presenters. In the first session, Mr. Ibrahim Sobh introduced us to AI projects and elucidated their workings. Subsequently, in the second session, Mr. Elie Yaacoub discussed AI and Natural Language Processing.

Considering this information, we can observe that AI is becoming increasingly crucial to meet today’s requirements.

This leads us to question, “Can we live without AI?” or “Is it going too far?” What we can affirm is the need to align with the progress of the world and, consequently, to embrace advancements, even when we acknowledge that new technologies can be intimidating.

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