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Women Investing In Women

9 mars 2017

Women Investing In Women

Cet article vous a été présenté par Our Youth Our Hope et une contribution de ses membres pour Jamaity.org

The ‘ForUs’ program, launched by Our Youth Our Hope, has had incredible success empowering Tunisia’s young women.

Today, ‘ ForUs’ is reaping the benefits of months of hard work. In partnership with 2 local youth centers in Tunis the program has been equipping youth with the skills and tools needed for career success over the past 6 months. Through a variety of trainings and workshops in vocational and soft skills training more than 200 youth in two neighborhoods in the outskirts of Tunis have increased their skills. This opportunity has helped them develop and implement concrete action plans to succeed their careers.

forUs is strongly committed to promoting women. Run by a team with over 80% women it is little wonder that over 65% of the youth completing our program have been women too. Which explains that the signs of success of this program can not be a pure coincidence.

The project management team believes that investing in women is the best way to strengthen community building and classifies the contribution in women’s empowerment as crucial.

ForUs has been training women’s capacities to increase their active participation in decision making and management positions of their cooperatives as well as their communities and families. And today, we get to share some of their inspiring stories:

Asma Rezgui:

An Entrepreneurship student enrolled in forUs is passionate about computers and loves detecting and fixing technical problems. Asma joined forUs to increase her accounting ability and develop a solid business plan. She has already started achieving her professional action plans and become an Entrepreneur in the field of her passion and expertise.

Mouna Kouki and Afef Zwawi:

Entrepreneurship students enrolled in forUs, have chose to work together on an Ecommerce Business, where they will be developing the website themselves and the products to be sold. Both of them are painters and as they are good at it, they chose not to do it for free.

And more stories are created every day…

For International Women’s day, Our Youth Our Hope congratulates its management team and its female beneficiaries on this inspiring progress they have both achieved and hopes for more success in the 2 months to go of forUs.

Happy International Women’s Day !

ForUs is supported in part by The Middle East Partnership Initiative.


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