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Centre des médias pour la formation des professionnels des médias et les institutions médiatiques sur les questions relatives aux femmes arabes et l’avancement de la condition des femmes (détails en anglais) Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet: 3 an(s)

May 2012 May 2015

Budget du projet:

180000 Dollar US ($)

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Media Centre for the training of media professionals and media institutions on Arab women’s issues and the advance of women’s status



The project consists of the establishment of a training center for the integration of gender in the media production and the proper examination of issues related to improving the conditions of Arab women, on the one hand, and to develop the skills of women leaders while dealing with media, on the other hand.

The center is based on the construction of knowledge and experiences accumulated by CAWTAR about issues of concern linked to Arab women, through trainings. In 2011, more than 100 men and women media professionals were enrolled in training sessions organized by CAWTAR.

The Media Center operates in the following topics:

  1. Gender issues and how to address them in media production.
  2. Change the image of women in the Arab media.
  3. Support the status of media professionals and trade-union leaders in the Arab media landscape.


  1. Create a unique space in the Arab world to monitor and follow up gender issues, women’s rights and women’s various roles in Arab media.
  2. Shape highly trained influent media professionals to deal with women’s issues and rights and how they are consistent with the overall developments related to their situation.
  3. Enhance the skills of women leaders in all fields, in dealing with the media and the use of modern technologies of communication.


  • 4 Training of trainers in the Arab region on media treatment of Arab women’s issues;
  • Monitoring women’s image in the Arab media.

Target group

Men and women media professionals in the Arab region, women leaders

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