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Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis

Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis CEMAT

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CEMAT (Le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis) is the overseas research center of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS). Based in Tunis, CEMAT offers a specialized library with works primarily in English on the Maghrib and the Middle East and regularly organizes lectures, roundtables and conferences on themes pertinent to the region.

AIMS is a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). CEMAT, as well as it’s sister centers, le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines en Algérie (CEMA) and the Tangier American Legation Museum (TALM), are all affiliated with CAORC.


B.P. 404, 1049 Tunis Hached Tunisia

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