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Khalil Mtimet

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My name is Khalil Mtimet , I'm 22 years old, I am a law student . I'am the President of Zarzis Al-Ghalia Organization . - Volunteering Experience : From personal experience, I can say that I have not found my true self until after I started our charitable organization Zarzis Al-Ghalia or dear Zarzis ( I am the president of this organization ) , it's by working with other young people like myself,trying so hard to making a change and helping people that one can go on a journey of self-discovery, therefore I can say that I truly believe in youth's capabilities and their strong will and determination because once they set a goal in mind, it will be achieved . Youth is what keeps sociaties standing, young people are the future, everything depends on them so well educating them and building them properly naturally assures a better future Being young is a critical phase since they can either turn to be great leaders and make a change or they can take a wrong turn and mess up in life We have a charitable organization, well it's still a groupe of young people but we are working on making it an official organization, it is called Zarzis Al-Ghalia wich means dear Zarzis and that is our hometown. What we do is we get together, and volunteer to make a change in our community. We do cleaning campaigns, planting trees, raising donations for poor people and so many other activities, this helps young people in our town fill their free time with cultural and charitable activities so at the same time they are away from Bad habits and making change Our logo is actually the famous quote "be the change you want to see in the world "


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