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Women’s For equitable Public policies Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet:

Nov 2017 Nov 2017

Budget du projet:

9 Euro (€)

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Les organismes impliqués dans ce projet:

Objectif général

  • To build the capacities of the Women Organizations and their women leaders in governance and public policy formulation.
  • To foster dialogue between Women Organizations , women leaders and their alliances with the parliament members and governmental institutions.

Plus de détails


  • 4 CBOs
  • 25 Women

Main activities:

  • Train partner CSOs and women leaders on Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA)
  • Conduct 2 PRA researches
  • Drafting 2 policy papers
  • Policy formation workshop
  • Publish and disseminate research output with officials and local community


Expected results:

  • R1.Partner CSOs equipped with necessary tools and knowledge to participate in policy making mechanism.
  • R2.25 women leaders from partner CSOs trained and equipped with necessary skill, tools, and knowledge on policymaking and policy monitoring governance and public policy area.
  • R3.2 public events to disseminate women’s policy proposal are hosted, and CSOs start dialogue with the official institutions.
  • R4.2 policy papers are drafted by women on development and societal affairs in the Community,


Régions bénéficiaires

Jordanie et 1 autre(s) régions

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