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Woman for Peace and Security ( W4PS ) Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet: 2 an(s) 11 mois

Jan 2016 Dec 2018

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Objectif général


Train 100 citizens, peace ambassadors, Work to promote peace and security Create a web platform Make a sociological study and mapping of radicalization of marginalized areas


Plus de détails

The W4PS is conducted in partnership with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation over the period 2016-2018.

The purpose of the project is to train 100 citizens, peace ambassadors, who will work to promote peace and security in their local or professional work environment.

This project is based on 3 objectives:

  1. Create a web platform and populate it with information on the activities of the IHD: educational and entertaining videos conveying alternative-discoursesof hate and violent extremism.
  2. Make a sociological study and mapping of radicalization of sensitive and marginalized areas.
  3. Strengthen the capacities of network of 100 actors to be ambassadors of peace in their regions and associations, provide them with tools of analysis, tools to detect signs of radicalization, especially those of adolescents.

Régions bénéficiaires

Ariana et 23 autre(s) régions

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