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Promote Gender and support emerging civil society organizations to play an effective role in democratic transition Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet: 2 an(s)

Jan 2011 Jan 2013

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Since early 2011, many Arab nations have been going through waves of popular protest moving from one country to another and causing major transformations in some and ongoing ones in others. Tunisia and Egypt, in fact, have witnessed a popular uprising that transformed into a revolution causing major political, social and economic changes. In both countries in transition, a shadow of uncertainty hangs over the question of women’s rights. Most of the newly-formed political forces do not include the issue of gender equality in their order of priority, for different reasons, not to mention the rise of certain movements that are either challenging these rights or seeking to limit them. These changes have stirred national and international involvement and intervention to assist and support a better democratic transition with gender equality in its agenda. The gender question is considered as one of the pillars of citizenship in an egalitarian State in which civil society plays a key role in the establishment of democracy. In this context, the Center for Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) is implementing a project called “Promote Gender and Support Emerging Civil Society Organizations to Play an Effective Role in Democratic Transition in Arab Region.”

Outcomes : Civil society actors play an effective role in the democratic transition process; Emerging NGOs adopt G/HR approach in their programs and activities;

Outputs : Gender is promoted as integral part of democratic transition;

Capacities of emerging NGOs are strengthened;

Exchange of expertise and best practices between NGOs through networking is strengthened;

Target group: Youth,decision makers, NGOs members and actors from civil society

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