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LEAD 2: Local Employment in Africa for Development – phase 2 Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet: 3 an(s) 11 mois

Jan 2020 Dec 2023

Budget du projet:

3762460 Euro (€)

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Objectif général

The overall objective is to support young Tunisian and Somali youth to become financially independent by focusing on economic sectors with growth potential in regions where youth unemployment levels are high

Objectifs spécifiques

Strengthen institutional capacity building of local partner organizations and government agencies to better support SME development, employment and the development of an effective enabling business environment

Creating new job opportunities alongside supporting business start-ups and SME growth supported with coaching and better access to finance and markets – with a focus on vulnerable and at-risk youth

Enhancement of skills of young people to be better prepared for the job market.

Plus de détails

The LEAD 2 programme builds directly on lessons learned from the Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD) programme that has been operational since 2016.

The LEAD 2 programme is a 4-year Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs-funded programme (2020/2023) that aims to improve and enhance economic prospects and opportunities for youth in Tunisia and Somalia by supporting SMEs to grow, alongside supporting an enabling business environment and developing entrepreneurship and employability measures.

Public(s) cible(s)

The main target group for the project is youth in the age range 18 to 35

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Régions bénéficiaires

Ariana et 24 autre(s) régions

LEAD 2: Local Employment in Africa for Development – phase 2
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