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Youth for Women’s Political Participation Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet:

Nov 2017 Nov 2017

Budget du projet:

11 Euro (€)

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Objectif général

Increase the Opportunity of ‎Women’s political ‎participation to reach ‎decision making positions at municipality ‎level.

Objectifs spécifiques

1. To improve community’s perception towards women’s political ‎participation through mobilizing youth to support women ‎candidates in the upcoming municipality elections in the 5 ‎municipalities of Ajloun.‎

‎2. To prepare youth for the transitional stage of decentralisation in a ‎manner that ‎increases youth enjoyment of political rights.‎

‎3. Informed inclusion of youth in political life practices.‎

Plus de détails

Project Area:

(GreaterAjlounMunicipality, JunaeedMunicipality, Shafaa‎Municipality, KofranjahMunicipality, AloioonMunicipality) ‎


  1. (‎20 trainees, 10 males/10 females‎Mediators of Change‎)
  2. Form a committee, called (Mediators of Change) consists of the 20 ‎trained youth ‎
  3. municipality election’s women candidates
  4. (Greater Ajloun Municipality,Junaeed Municipality, Shafaa Municipality, Kofranjah Municipality, Aloioon  Municipality)
  5. men and women who are planning to run for municipality ‎candidacy
  6. Community and community leadersand  Youth .

Main activities :

  • A1.1. A (6 days) training course; (2 days) on the new decentralisation‎law and the amended municipality law, (2 days) trainings on ‎managing electoral campaigns and (2 days) facilitation skills, with 20 ‎trainees, 10 males/10 females in the 6 training days.
  • A.1.2. Form a committee, called ‎‎(Mediator of Change) consists of ‎the 20 trained youth.‎
  • A.2.1. A (10 days open debate ‎sessions) between men and ‎women who are planning to run ‎for municipality candidacy
  • A.2.2. A 5 days community ‎dialogue with 250 youth ‎participants, 50 participants in ‎each day in each municipality in ‎Ajloun
  • A.2.3. Providing  4 youth ( 2 ‎female and 2 male) for helping ‎women candidates in each ‎municipality in their election ‎campaigns.

Expected results:

  • R1.‎‏ ‏A youth generation equipped with political rights knowledge, ‎able to defend their rights and recognize the important role they ‎play in their local communities.
  • R2.“Rule of law” in the sense that constitutional rights are well ‎preserved and applied in a gender sensitive method by increasing ‎women political participation at a local level.   ‎
  • R3. A community that recognises and trusts the role of youth in ‎influencing the political processes and as ‎Mediators of Change ‎alongside current community leaders.
  • R4. A Youth committee established of which youth are going to ‎assist and support women candidates in their campaigns in the ‎upcoming municipality elections in Ajloun. ‎

Direct impact:

A mobilised community that believes in the role of ‎youth in making ‎changes towards women’s political rights in ‎particular and public political rights in ‎general, taking into ‎consideration gender equity. ‎

Indirect impact:

Preparing youth and equipping them with the ‎necessary qualities ‎and competences to lead and participate in the ‎elections.

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