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Participatory and communication between CSO\NGO and Local Government Retour vers les projets

Durée du projet:

Nov 2017 Nov 2017

Budget du projet:

10 Euro (€)

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Objectif général

  • Enhancing communication between civil society and the local government to exercise accountability and good governance.
  • Build an environment of integration and participation in the process of policy drafting and decision-making between civil society and local government.
  • Strengthening and networking between local and regional civil society and taking advantage of expertise and knowledge serving the local community.

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  • Civil Society
  • Activist
  • members of Local Municipality

Main activities

  • Workshops on communication and participation with the local government
    • Types of communication: methods, tools and activities.
    • Rights to access information.
    • Participation: drafting / evaluating proposals, policies, and decisions.
  • Working groupto produce Monthly report / monitoring on local government performance (Activities)

Expected results:

  • Increase the level of knowledge about how to communicate between civil society and local government.
  • Practicing the positive and effective role in communicating with the local community.


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Libye et 1 autre(s) régions

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