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Land Defense Coalition
Fondée en 2014 Palestine et 1 autre(s) régions


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Land Defense Coalition


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Domaine(s) de l'association : Droits de l’Homme

Dernière mise à jour: 20 février 2019
L'association est aussi connue sous le nom de : LDC
Président(e) de l'association : Suhail Salman
Vis-à-vis avec l'association : Jamal Juma

Area of intervention:

LDC has been involved in ongoing campaigns, protests and actions to defend the rights of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation, colonialism and apartheid as well as against neoliberal policies promoted by the Palestinian authorities, which effectively weaken the capacity of the Palestinian people to resist Israeli violations of their rights.


Objectives of the association:

Build a broad popular social movement for the defence of the land and resource rights of the people. Strengthen the popular steadfastness in the threatened areas in the face of Israeli policies of displacement and land and water theft. Strengthen the institutional structure of the LDC and its members to meet the challenges of their work with effectiveness and efficiency.

Member organizations:

Stop the Wall was launched in 2002 to unite the struggle of the popular committees in the villages, refugee camps and cities struggling against the Wall and the settlements and the efforts of Palestinian civil society.  It consists of 10 regional popular committees, which together represent up to 100 communities throughout the West Bank.

Founded in 1993 as a mass based voluntary union for Palestinian farmers, it represents farmers, organizes them and defends their interests and rights throughout the entire agricultural process, including production, marketing and resource mobilization. It represents up to 6,000 individual farmers and 56 cooperatives (total of 4,000 members) in the West Bank and Gaza.

  • Palestinian New Federation of Trade Unions (New Unions)

Founded in 2012, the New Unions represent workers in all West Bank districts. Its main aims are to build an independent trade union movement that promotes democracy and human rights and defends workers rights in front of factory owners and the Israeli occupation.

  • Palestine Youth Forum

The youth have been organizing anti-normalization activities, protests against Israeli policies, support for the prisoners and many initiatives of voluntary work, especially in areas where land or water resources are under threat of confiscation by the Israeli authorities.

  • WomenCenter for Social Development

This women’s group wasestablishedin 2002 and isworking to support and empowerwomen and protecttheirrights in all areas of their life, and to buildtheircapacities to take a moreproactive role in politics and in the economic and social sphere.

  • Association for Farmers’ Rights and for the Preservation of the environment

Founded in 2011, the Association is based in Nablus and operates in the northern West Bank in order to defend farmers’ rights in the court systems, it promotes the role of women farmers in society and promotes modern and sustainable agricultural methods.

  • The Popular Council to Protect the Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley Popular Councilworks as an independent body that aims to unite the voices of the Jordan Valley , express their demands to governmental, nongovernmental, national and international organizations.



Land Defense Coalition is composed of two boards:

First, is the official one composed of seven members under which the LDC is registered. These seven members represent three organizations, PalestinianWomenDevelopment Center, Association Jadayel, and the PalestinianFarmers Society. LDC registeredwithonlythreeorganizations in order to avoidlonger more complicatedprocedures. This boardmeetsannually. The organizations and subsequentindividualrepresentativesinvolvedinclude:

1- PalestinianWomenDevelopment Center (PWDC),represented by twowomen

  • Amal Arar: FromKufurThelth/Qualqelya; is on the board of the women’sdepartment in New Unions, the Women’s Club in KufurTheleth (her home village). Sheisknown for her position as a femaleactivist in Qalqelya and Tulkarem
  • MunaHmeedi: FromNurShamsRefugee Camp/Tulkarem; anotherfemaleactivist, sheis a boardmember of PWDC and a general assembly member of the Women’s Club in NurShamsRefugee Camp and Tulkarem.

2– Association Jadayel/The Palestinian Center for culture, arts and creativity.Represented by twoyouth

  • 1-YaserZeidan;Organization’s Chairman, Student at Al-KhadooriUniversity, Youthactivist in Stop the Wall Campaign, member of the coordinatingcommittee of the prisoners.
  • 2- SalwaHammad:Boardmember of Association Jadayel; works at Jerusalem Center for LegalAid, active in the campaign for getting back the bodies of Palestinian martyrs whoweredetained by the Israel, boardmember of Foad Nassar Institute of SocialistThought and of the Farkha yearly Festival for Voluntarywork.

3- PalestinianFarmers Society/ Tulkarem, Represented by:

  • Hossam Mohammed SaidHamdan / Tulkarem (PFA): Financial Director of the PalestinianRed Crescent Society (Tulkarem), BoardMemberof PFA, active in the popularcampaignagainst the Wall and settlements, active in the local BDS committee, member of the Administrative Board of the PalestinianRed Crescent Workers Union
  • Ra’fat Tawfiq Khandakji / Tulkarem: President of the Federation of PalestinianFarmers Associations / Palestine,representative of Palestine in the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty and chairman of PFA.
  • Suhail Salim Salman / Tulkarem; Deputy Mayor of Tulkarem;Coordinator of PopularCommittees in the campaignagainst the Wall and settlements in the West Bank, activist in local BDS Campaign, active member of the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty

Second; The acting Board, whichmeetsmonthly, isformed by representativefrom the followingmemberorganizations: STW, PFU, New Unions, Jordan Valley Council, in addition to threerepresentativesfrom the official board.


  • Women % = 3/7 = 42%
  • Age Categories 20- 55


PECDAR Street, Um Sharait, al Bireh City, Ramallah.


Land Defense Coalition est structurée en tant que: Association

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