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Intermediaries of change center for sustainable development
Fondée en 2016 Jordanie et 1 autre(s) régions


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Intermediaries of change center for sustainable development


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Domaine(s) de l'association : Droits de l’Homme Gouvernance Droits des genres

Dernière mise à jour: 5 mars 2019
L'association est aussi connue sous le nom de : ICC
Président(e) de l'association : Nadia YacoubEid Al-Rabdi

Areas of intervention:

Enhancing the role of societies, especially youth and women, as mediators in making change and investing their energies and abilities in achieving the goals of sustainable development

Objectives of the Association:

  1. Training, qualifying and empowering young people in various democratic, economic, social, cultural, political and environmental fields to increase their participation in the public life and achieve the goals of sustainable development.
  2. Achieve gender justice and empower all women and girls
  3. Support and protect human rights at the national and regional levels
  4. Expand freedom in societies in the areas of political systems, democracy, freedom of expression, transparency, accountability and justice
  5. Dissemination of both human and voluntary values, behavioral and objective skills, dialogue of religions and rejection of violence and extremism
  6. Cooperate with government and private agencies, civil society organizations and international organizations to secure job opportunities, education, scholarships, training and opportunities for developing technical, knowledge, practical, project management, innovation and entrepreneurship capacities to reduce the problems of poverty and unemployment.
  7. Conduct studies and field surveys on civil society issues and needs, implement and design advocacy campaigns and initiatives that address their issues
  8. Building local and international networks and partnerships forbsupport of youth and women’s issues and global peace issues

Number of members:

  • 150 member of the founding body of youth and girls aged between 18_30 , the number of members of the General Assembly of young men and women is 300 there for the total becomes :450 member


Ajloun - Jordan


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