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Impact Foundation for Research and Development
Fondée en 2015 Gafsa


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Impact Foundation for Research and Development


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Domaine(s) de l'association : Emploi et formation

Dernière mise à jour: 5 mars 2019
L'association est aussi connue sous le nom de : IFRD
Président(e) de l'association : Adel Dhahri

Founded in February 2015, IMPACT Foundation for Research and Development is a youth-led NGO that aims to promote research in various areas, and to use research as a vehicle for cultural, economic, social and environmental development.

Our Mission

Despite the active involvement of civil society in various projects side by side with the public sector in recent years, development still remains below the expectations of Tunisians, particularly in the sectors of employment, education and health.

Our mission stems from our deep belief in the far-reaching potential of the human capital when harnessed in the benefit of research and innovation.

In Impact Foundation, we believe in the huge and untapped potential of the energy of youth, and in their capacity to make a deep impact on their environment at the local, regional and global levels.

We are building on the academic acquisitions and dynamic capacities with the Tunisian young generation demonstrated throughout several trials.

We seek to provide mentoring, support and motivation for these young energies, and to mobilize young people in the direction of addressing local and global challenges.

Our Objectives

– To initiate and support projects of economic, social and cultural development in Tunisia, especially in underprivileged regions.

– Organize, coordinate and boost the efforts of various research centers, universities and Think Tanks in Tunisia.

– Develop, reinforce and improve the skills and capacities of research centers and young researchers in Tunisia.

– Draw attention to the importance of linking research to development on the economic, social, cultural and environmental levels.

– Draft and develop proposals for laws and policies that promote research.
Rationalize public policies through the involvement of research in state reform.

– Network with different research centers and academic institutions, reach out to young people and be open to their expectations.

Our Strategies

– Building partnerships with local and international think tanks and research centers and work with them toward achieving our shared goals.

– Organizing workshops, round tables and seminars to develop research projects.

– Participating in national and international events in relationship with our goals.

– Organizing trainings for those interested in research.


Touil Center - Rue Nile, Gafsa 2100 - Tunisie


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